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“Music also plays a central role in telling the story. The developer makes splendid use of leitmotifs. Red and the wolf have distinctive musical signatures that play throughout the tale. Think about how awesome the Darth Vader theme music is and you will begin to understand how effective this can be. Words truly are superfluous when so much artistry has gone into the animations and soundtrack.”

-smart apps for kids about Lil’ Red


“Our first project with Sound42 ran as smooth, simple and fast as one can possibly wish.
The effect sounds all formed a nice combined packet and they really sounded as if they belonged together.
But the most impressive item was the music, or should I rather say, “the score” to our game.
Everyone in our office and our players were impressed by the strong AAA track we got for our casual title.”

-Moritz Gr├╝nwald – Greentube


“I worked with Lukas on two game projects and was always impressed
with his work and how his compositions helped to define the look and
feel of a game. His quick and iterative working style as well as his
creativity and willingness to go the extra mile make working with
Lukas a fun and productive experience.”

-Helmut Hutterer – Socialspiel


“Lukas’ enthusiasm for his craft is reflected in the quality of his work.
He is a consumate professional… attentive and accomodating. It was a joy to work with him.”

-Brian Main Illustrator – Animator


“We enjoyed working with Lukas on several projects and have been always amazed by the quality
and creativiy of the music and sounds he delivered.
Everybody can be happy to work with such a talented and inspired sound guy.”

-Franz Hess, Executive Producer and Managing Director – Spielwerk