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Who we are

Sound42 is an Audio production team from Vienna – Austria,

that is specialized on producing Game music and SoundFX

as well as on composing individual music for visuals.



Lukas Hasitschka earned his diploma’s degree in Jazz-Drums at Gustav Mahler Conservatory in Vienna. Together with developers he plans Audio-Concepts, composes themes and produces music.




Paul Gallister earned his “”-degree in Classical Composition at the University of Music in Vienna. He composes soundtracks, string quartets, symphonic tracks and arranges orchestral parts.

David Osternacher earned his bachelor’s degree in Media Technology and –Design at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg. He works for Dynamedion and for the Boom Library. He is Sound Designer, Sound Mixer and makes SoundFX.

Gerhard Pacher earned his “”-degree in Jazz-Piano and Classic-Piano at the University of Music in Vienna. He arranges Pop-tracks and produces electronic-music.



What we are doing

  • Composing individual Game music

  • Recording and mixing Game sounddesign

  • Jingles – Audiobrandings

  • Theme tracks – Background tracks

  • Voice recordings

  • Sound FX.



  • Games and interactive media
  • Animations
  • TV-Spots
  • Image Films
  • Trailers


We at sound42 are dedicated to use the musical creativity and technical skills of young composers in the fields of sound design and audio editing.

As a team we work together with the developer or producer  to create a unique and authentic audio concept that meets the high quality our customers expect.

Our focus on music

  • Making new concepts of how to use music in games
  • Creating new sound- and arrangement ideas
  • Symphonic and classic orchestrations
  • Jazz, Pop and Funk arrangements


Our focus on soundFX

  • Individually recorded/produced
  • always fitting to the track

How we work

The high quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.

Therefore our team creates an audio concept (based on the demands of the developers) that is not only unique, but which furnishes the game with the auditive expression that it visually displays.

All of the sounds are designed anew and the music is individually composed to fit the genre.