Tight Lines Fishing – Game – music and sounds

Tight Lines Fishing (by socialspiel)

-Game music, sound design and sounds – Lukas Hasitschka, Instruments – Paul Gallister – Sound42 2011

Content Award 2011 – Category “Partner Price”.
German Developer Price 2011 – Category “Best Social Game”.


What I enjoy most about doing game audio is

when you completely understand the developers wishes.

When Helmut from socialspiel and me were brainstorming

and he told me: “we need fish, countryside and a little urban touch”

I felt challenged but I knew what to do.

So after composing the melody and fixing the tempo,

I decided to let the countryside reflect through “soft-cliché” instruments.

Instead of recording harps and banjos,

I asked Paul to play  it with Ukuleles and Melodicas.

We tried out the rhythm with electronic beats and synth-bass,

which turned out to be too hard, so I played the drums myself.

To mix the Ukulele-Melodica Cocktail with accoustic drums gave the theme its little extra.

Soundtrack – Tight Lines Fishing by user3471423


Producing the second track and the sounds was like going on holiday.

I took my Sony PCM-D50 and made a trip to Admont in Styria.

For the atmo, fishing rods and fish-sound design, the area was perfect.

I took my guitar, sat beneath a tree and just played a melody

while looking at the wide landscape.

It took some hours and I got it.

The rest was studio work with Paul, who played it,

and me doing percussion.

Soundtrack – Tight Lines Fishing – gameplay by user3471423


Making the audio for Tight Lines Fishing was great, due to very inspiring moments

and funny situations with owners of a fishing pond.

Helmut Hutterer and the team of socialspiel made a great social game

and gave us the possibility

to let it sound great!




Tight Lines Fishing is a social fishing adventure which takes place on Facebook.

Players compete amongst each other online to catch the biggest fish. But it doesn’t stop there,

train your skill, customize your character and equip gear to catch better fish.

Play Tight Lines Fishing on Facebook


Lukas Hasitschka 2011



All sounds, sound effects, sound design and music in this animated Video
were composed and produced by Lukas Hasitschka – Sound42 2011.