Push – The Facebook Game – music and sounds

Push (by socialspiel) – game music, sound design  and sounds by Lukas Hasitschka 2010 – Sound42.

Awards: Austrian Multimedia Staatspreis in the category “Games, Entertainment, Fun” 2011.

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Push was the first game for which I was composing music and producing sounds.

At this time thanks’ to socialspiel and to Florian Lettner!


When I first saw the concept-art I was impressed by “Pon Du Bear”- the funny and outstanding figure in this game.

It reminds me of a mix between Al Capone, adrag queen and a stoned grizzly bear.

Socialspiel wanted me to compose a funny and a moody jazz track  for this game.
Push – Main by lukas_sound42
Push – Gameplay by lukas_sound42


Most of the sounds in this game were recorded with the instruments from the main track,

but for the Bear and the sweet little “pops” I was doing voice overs with a female jazz singer.

The other sounds, like “fur” sounds, I finished with some Foley techniques.


Due to the effort of the whole team and with thousands of  “likes” in facebook,

Push won the Austrian Multimedia Staatspreis in the category “Games, Entertainment, Fun” 2011


Push is an easy-to-use casual online board game where you can compete with your friends

in a stylish and addictive turn-based browser environment.

The game stars the eccentric in-game character Pon Du Bear who loves board games,

playing with his friends in his stylish mansion, relaxing in his retro Eames chair and eating his beloved Pops.



Lukas Hasitschka 2011


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All sounds, sound effects, sound design and music in this animated Video
were composed and produced by Lukas Hasitschka – Sound42 2010.