Unannounced Game – music and soundFX

Orchestral soundtrack of an unannounced game project – strategic war game for ipad
music by Paul Gallister 2011; sounds, sound design and sounFXby Lukas Hasitschka – Sound42.

We are not allowed to publish the name of the game or the developer yet.


The music
For this strategic war game for the ipad,
the developer wanted us to do the Audio in a big style.
He wanted a bright work – a mix of Daft Punk’s Tron and a full classic orchestra.
So I made a concept for how the audio in this game should take an effect on the player,
wrote a demo for the theme-track and asked Paul to do the whole music.
Paul did a great work of an heroic, bright and modern game-soundtrack!
Gme-Theme by lukas_sound42

The sounds
The concept was, that the player should get the feeling of “full controll”.
So how does controll sound like?
Definitely short, fast, futuristic and a little bit of a CSI-computer ;)
This is what we created:

game-sound mix by lukas_sound42